Stephanie Züllig
as a Speaker

As a dedicated entrepreneur, digital expert, board member, and speaker, Stephanie Züllig is a shaper of the future. With her international industry expertise at Siemens and her CEO and CFO experience, she drives digitization and leadership in companies.

Main topics


Digitization creates value through connectivity. In her talks, Stephanie shows the overall environment that digitization has created, the influence it has had on value chains and its potential for the future.

Leadership & Trust

Stephanie Züllig sees leadership and trust as the basis for a healthy corporate culture. It enables managers to build high performing teams and establish strategic partnerships.


True to the principle “How Strategy Really Works”, Stephanie Züllig pursues a holistic approach to sharpen the strategy of companies. The main elements are people, technology, and processes.


As an entrepreneur as well as by being a board member of the Swiss Securitas Group, Stephanie Züllig uses her expertise to ensure the security and protection of people, private information, and assets.


Shaping the future with innovation: Stephanie Züllig presents tried and tested strategic instruments and shows how companies can navigate through the complex landscape of trends and technologies.

Industry 4.0

Stephanie Züllig is an expert on the topic of Industry 4.0 and Digital Real Estate. She teaches strategic & methodical approaches to master digital transformation and create a more connected future.

Sharing practical expertise

Stephanie Züllig is a lecturer on the topic of Industry 4.0 at the HWZ University for the courses EMBA Digital Leadership and CAS Digital Real Estate. With recent case studies, she teaches students practical expertise and explores opportunities and risks of a more connected digital future.